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About Our Button Packs

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Every craft activity pack, whether big or small, contains all you need to have a fun afternoon of crafting, with kid friendly glue, whatever shape you’ve chosen to work on and an array of attractive buttons. The shapes are easy to paint with any water-based paint, then just leave them to dry for about five minutes, decorate any way you like with your buttons and you’re done!

Get Creative

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You can adorn the fridge and your walls with the art your kids make, have a go yourself and unleash your own creative juices or make some fantastic and personal gifts for Christmas, Mother’s Day, birthdays and more.

Take a look around our shop and find your inspiration today!

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About The Company

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We’re Caroline and Frankie and we’re the ‘dotty birds’ behind all this fun and creativity!

We’re passionate about encouraging kids and adults alike to try something new, free their imagination and enjoy being creative with tactile objects and craft supplies that you can hold in your hand and work with, instead of staring at a screen.

We started off creating a complete activity pack, trialled it at shows and workshops, and following amazing feedback, our fun-filled Dotty Birds business grew from there.

We’re thrilled to know that all over the country, we have kids and adults alike exploring their creativity and imagination and having all sorts of fun with our packs!

What will you make today?

For a relaxing and fun time with the kids, pick up one (or more!) of our Button-It Activity Packs. Or choose one for yourself.

- we won’t tell!

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A: While computers and phones are great, we think there’s nothing like having craft materials in your hand and working with them. Our kits are tactile and great for sensory, gentle play. Your kids learn to work with materials and to let their imagination run wild, while doing something relaxing, mindful and soothing that can keep them occupied and enthralled for hours. And at the end of it, they have the achievement of having a unique design that they made themselves.
And, don’t forget, big kids can enjoy the same benefits of a relaxing craft that takes them away from their busy lives for a while!

A: Our fun, creative boxes are suitable for all ages from tiny toddlers to teens to adults of any age. Whether you’re nine or ninety you can have fun with our crafting boxes. Note: We advise that parents supervise small children with the kits as they do contain small parts.

A: All the bits you need are included in our craft boxes, including the glue. The only thing we don’t supply is the paint as we want you to be free to choose your own colours.

A: Absolutely! Get in touch with us and we’ll happily discuss your needs. Our craft packs are used in nursing homes, residential homes, children’s hospital wards, play groups, nurseries, schools, youth groups, Guides and Brownies and more, and they’re great for children’s parties too!

A: Inside our Button-It Big Box you’ll find a great mix of our kits and all the things you need to complete them, and you can add brushes and glue if you want to.

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Dotty Birds Holly Cottage, Norwell, Newark, Notts, NG23 6JN

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